June 7

Evil within

Evil within a person
is in too far for
one to see,
with a flick of a match
is all it takes
to light an everlasting
fire that unlocks the
darkness of one’s soul
what new horrors will be
unleased onto this world

May 27

The fakeness that you wear

The fakeness that you wear
shows so strongly for
your mask is so overused and worn
that your true self is revealed
the moment anyone lays their eyes on you
do you accept that this is you
and take the path to find inner peace
or fight more with that cracked mask of yours

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May 27

This life I have now

This life I have now
seems so unreal for
every waking day I am blissful

So much, so that it feels like a dream
Even though everything
is telling me that this is reality

but how can that be so,
for happiness is such a rare thing
for someone like me

Nonetheless I am glad that
you are besides me and walking
the path that’s carved for us

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May 27

I stand near a railing

I stand near a railing
looking out at the vast sea
flirting with death
as I feel the wind
pass through me
heading towards
the horizon where there’s a
mist of colors under
the blue sky
that gets darker as
the hour goes by
soon there is nothing
left besides a
sky full of stars
which mirrors off the waters

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May 27

The fire you set

The fire you set
within me is now an unbearable
pain that has burned me down
to a pile of ashes which
flows with the wind
Hopefully I would fly to
a better place
where I’m needed because
you have reduced me to

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May 26

Like a fish hooked

Like a fish hooked
and reeled I went to the
surface that was once
above me
and a new one appeared
This is far from
what I was used to
Filled with puffs of whites
the beauty, far from what
I could explain.
It ended too soon
as I was dropped back
under to where I was
And it looks dark compared
to where I been up there